Welcome toCOZZOLINO S.r.l.

The Cozzolino Company comes from a brainchild of Francesco Cozzolino’s in May 1988 being the sole owner. The activity started in Nola, (NA) ITALY, in an extended structure year after year, in order to support the steady and progressive growth of the company.

During 1999, the company was converted into a S.r.l. (= Ltd. Co.) and one year later it entered into the national consortium that generates a greater and wider visibility both regionally and nationally.

In 2001 Cozzolino S.r.l. acquires some shares of the CDC S.p.A. company which had been founded by local Campania Region companies in order to optimize and synergize their activities.

Within the scope of pursuing these goals, during 2002, and in order to implement new developments and realize ambitious plans for the future, it was carried out a capital increase.

Over the years, the company continued to experience a steady growth in business volumes, mainly thanks to prudent development choices made by the entrepreneur who still retains the positive characteristics of a family-run as a synonymous of solidity and continuity.

The use of up-to-dated hardware and software systems, the top technical competence level of its technicians and employees, the implementation of competitive trade policies and the availability of the products completed the evolutionary process up to let to classify the company as one of the most solid and important companies on the distribution regional scenario.

Thanks to all the above Cozzolino srl is a reference point for both industrial units for retailers and installers. Thanks to its organization, to its working methods and its staff the company is able to make face to challenges of the “global market” with confidence and enthusiasm.